In a Strained Labor Market, the Construction Workforce Continues to Age

Originally Published by: Builder–October 2018
The article above was produced and published by the source linked to above, who is solely responsible for its content. G2 National is sharing this story content to raise awareness of information publicly available online and does not verify the accuracy of the author’s claims. As a consequence, G2 National cannot vouch for the validity of any facts, claims or opinions made in the article.

From the Article: “The aging workforce may soon compound U.S. builders’ labor issues—a top concern for NAHB members. With 240,000 unfilled construction jobs in the U.S., an aging workforce may create other problems for builders….If more young workers do not enter the field, many firms will be forced to adopt labor-saving technologies like robotics and autonomous equipment and labor-saving techniques such as lean construction and off-site prefabrication…”

G2 National Op-Ed: An aging workforce is another reason to move towards the strong and simple CSP™ and PRS™.  Our easy-to-install systems do NOT require a high level of rough carpentry expertise to safely erect.  Watch our video to see how each sub-component of our CSP-P6™ come together.  Often no complicated and expensive structural connectors are required…just our HSCs™ and a screw gun.

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