G2T-V+™ Wood Open Web Truss w/ Integrated PAL™

The G2T-V+™ is the strongest mass produced wood open web truss ever developed and is the main ingredient of our PRS™

  • Exceeds the capacities of standard commodity prefabricated wood trusses
  • Sustainable Engineered Lumber as primary material
  • Monolithic commercial grade chords
  • Can accept high load diaphragm nailing
  • Capable of resisting high load axial tension forces
  • Integrated Parapet Anchor Leg (PAL™) allows for Strong and Simple attachment of Parpet Shear Panel (PSP™)
  • Integrated PAL™ allows for high-strength attachment of plant-on canopies and signage

G2T-V+™ w/ PAL™ profile

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