Exclusive Limited Licensing to Repetitively Branded Retail AOR’s

  • Intellectual property attendant to our PRS™ parapet roof system
  • Per brand
  • Per prototype(s)
  • Per geography

What G2 National’s Innovative Systems Bring to the AOR (Licensee)

  • PRO-BONO dedicated structural drafting support with system engineering provided by G2 Design™
    • G2 Design™ provides structural production drafting to the EOR for each progress submission
    • Eliminate deferred roof truss submittals
      • “Pre-Fab Roof Trusses by others” is a proven set-up for failure
  • One cost-effective, readily available, structural framing system that works across the entire United States
    • High snow load
    • High seismic load
    • High wind load
    • High Sun load (shout out to our Arizona roots)
  • Eliminates most RFIs (ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure)
  • A consistent canvas
    • Canopy affixment (you now have a PAL™ in the Parapet)
    • Signage affixment (you now have a PAL™ in the Parapet)
    • Roof openings (48″ o.c. G2T-V+™ eliminates costly head-outs)
    • Shallower roof structure envelope (G2T-V+™ a true commercial truss)
  • Often eliminates the need for parapet braces (gets kickers off your roof!)

Manufacturing Locations

9 plants, with more to come, all licensed to sell and produce G2 National’s Systems.

A true Nationwide solution for National Brands.

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